Jim Jordan goes off on FBI’s Wray over Flynn revelations: ‘Why didn’t we learn this from him?’

One of the biggest injustices throughout the “Spygate” coup attempt against President Donald Trump — and there have been many — has been the silence of Christopher Wray, who was selected to replace the very compromised James Comey as FBI director.

Since Wray has held his post, we’ve heard almost nothing from him regarding what he’s done to correct the massive abuses of power, the law, and the FISA court known to have occurred within his agency over the past three-plus years in the deep state’s attempt to “get” the president and drive him from office.

Now, we learn that retired U.S. Army Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, who, as the president’s first national security adviser, became the administration’s first Spygate casualty, was set up by Comey’s agents — yet, we haven’t heard a peep about any of this from Wray, who had to have known about this development for some time.

And Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) wants to know why.

“The FBI in 2016 spies on two American citizens associated with the Trump campaign,” he said as he began to outline the abuses of power witnessed over the past four years,” Jordan told Fox News’ “Fox & Friends” morning show Thursday.

“For one of the citizens, they go to the FISA court, they take the now-famous dossier they knew was salacious and unjustified, they use that as the basis to spy one of these individuals. They don’t tell the court that the dossier is Russian disinformation … it was paid for by the Clinton campaign … [and] the guy who wrote it, Christopher Steele, had already told the Justice Department he was desperate to stop Trump,” he added.

“And now we learn that they set up the General Mike Flynn just days into the administration,” Jordan said.

“What I want to know is why didn’t Bob Mueller tell us this? Remember we were told… this is the greatest guy who ever came to Washington. This is the greatest thing since sliced bread. He’s the most honest guy since George Washington,” he continued.

“Why didn’t he tell us this and more importantly, where’s Christopher Wray? Why didn’t we learn any of this from him?”

Jordan then praised former U.S. attorney-turned-whistleblower Sidney Powell, Flynn’s attorney, for her perseverance and digging to clear her client of an obvious frame job.

“Thank goodness for Sidney Powell or Bill Barr or we would have never got this information… Again why didn’t we hear this from Chris Wray? Again if they can do this to a three star general, if they can do this to the President of the United States, imagine what they can do to you and me?” Jordan noted.

Twitter sleuth and attorney “Techno Fog” posted a copy of handwritten notes from FBI agents who interviewed Flynn initially in January 2017, during the Trump Team transition.

As the tweet states, it’s obvious from the notes that the agents’ job was to either catch Flynn in a lie or get him to “admit” he violated the eighteenth century Logan Act, which has never been utilized, with the end goal being to get him prosecuted.

One of the agents reported to have interviewed Flynn is Peter Strzok, who we know was involved in the hoax “Crossfire Hurricane” counterintelligence probe from the outset. Also, as reports have noted, fired FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe advised Flynn not to have legal counsel with him when he was interviewed. And it is obvious from the accompanying email that Strzok and McCabe colluded to entrap Flynn.

But the bottom line is, as Jordan notes: Why wasn’t any of this revealed already by the current FBI director? Did Wray not feel any obligation at all to inform members of Congress — or the president?

And how long was Wray willing to wait — until Flynn was actually sentenced? Or, as Jordan implies, was Wray ever going to say anything about what his bureau did to one of the president’s most loyal officials?

Heads should roll over this. Not slaps on the wrist or ‘firings.’ True-blue bona fide prosecutions. Because if that doesn’t doesn’t occur, some other president the deep state ‘disapproves of’ will be targeted in the future. And maybe the deep state wins then.

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Trump Suggests That Coronavirus Aid Will Not Be Going To Sanctuary Cities

In what would be a significant step against certain constituencies who actively refuse to abide by federal immigration law, President Trump suggested this week that some of the areas in the United States who describe themselves as sanctuary sanctuary cities will be unable to receive federal funding for relief from the coronavirus. 

This update from the Trump administration is yet another addition to the excess of actions taken by the federal government against sanctuary cities in the recent weeks.

President Trump justified his proposal while speaking to reporters in the East Room of the White House, arguing that the taxpayer money that has already been allocated to sanctuary cities is not being appropriately spent by the cities.

Check out what the NY Post reported below:

President Trump on Tuesday suggested that new federal payments to help states deal with the coronavirus pandemic could depend on whether or not they were home to sanctuary cities.

“If it is COVID related, we can talk about it. We want things including sanctuary city adjustments,” the president said during an event in the East Room of the White House.

“I don’t even think they are popular even by radical left, because people are being protected that shouldn’t be protected and bad things are happening with sanctuary cities,” Trump continued at the event, which also showcased small business owners who’d benefited from the Small Business Administration’s Paycheck Protection Program.

“It is one of the things we think about. If we are going to do something for states, they will want something having to do with sanctuary cities and other different points that we can discuss a little later on.”

More than 560 cities in the United States classify as sanctuary cities, and this indicates that a large majority of them may even find themselves banned from receiving coronavirus funding from the federal government, unless they begin to comply with immigration law.

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Earlier this year, President Trump issued a bold statement on Twitter in response to a court ruling from the United States Court of Appeals in Manhattan, which ultimately gave him the absolute power to withhold all funding to sanctuary cities, announcing that funding from the government will soon be “immediately” cut off for those who refuse to comply with federal immigration law.

Additionally, President Trump deployed a number of tactical agents to sanctuary cities to help enforce the rule of law this year, and the Justice Department has even created an entirely new unit designed to strip the citizenship of individuals who obtained it via unlawful conduct.

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Because of the Trump administration’s insistent pressure against sanctuary cities, the federal government will now be able to ensure that billions of dollars will be going into the right hands and be used for exactly what it was meant to be used for.

Do you think President Trump should cut federal funding to sanctuary cities? Let us know in the comments below!

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Trump Hammers CNN For Not Covering New Flynn Story

On Wednesday night, President Donald Trump went off on CNN for failing to report on the breaking new story on how former national security adviser Michael Flynn was set up by the FBI.

Earlier in the day on Wednesday, the Department of Justice released court documents showing that in January of 2017, the FBI questioned about using their interview with Flynn to “get him fired” and to “get him to lie.”

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“@CNN doesn’t want to speak about their persecution of General Michael Flynn & why they got the story so wrong,” President Trump tweeted. “They, along with others, should pay a big price for what they have purposely done to this man & his family. They won’t even cover the big breaking news about this scam!”

Check out what Fox News reported:

The handwritten notes — written by the FBI’s former head of counterintelligence Bill Priestap after a meeting with then-FBI Director James Comey and then-FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, Fox News is told — further suggested that agents planned in the alternative to get Flynn “to admit to breaking the Logan Act” when he spoke to then-Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak during the presidential transition period.

The Logan Act is an obscure statute that has never been used in a criminal prosecution; enacted in 1799 in an era before telephones, it was intended to prevent individuals from falsely claiming to represent the United States government abroad.

Flynn previously charged that top FBI officials, including McCabe, pressed him not to have the White House counsel present during the questioning with two agents that led to his guilty plea on a single charge of lying to federal authorities. Flynn was not charged with any Logan Act violation.

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Flynn has sought to withdraw his guilty plea and has been seeking exoneration, saying the FBI engaged in “egregious misconduct.” Flynn, who has said more recently that he did not lie to the FBI, pleaded guilty in late 2017 as mounting legal fees pushed him to sell his home. Prosecutors have suggested Flynn’s guilty plea allowed him to escape liability for a possible charge under the Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA), another little-known and once-rarely used law, for his alleged work in Turkey.

The President wasn’t finished with CNN. He continued with another tweet hammering them for “falsely reporting” that he had blow up at his campaign manager Brad Parscale.

President Trump tweeted, “Just told that Fake News @CNN is falsely reporting that I was recently shouting at my campaign manager over made up nonsense. Actually, he is doing a great job, I never shouted at him (been with me for years, including the 2016 win), & have no intention to do so. Just FAKE NEWS!”

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Trump Unleashes On “True Dummy” Brian Williams and Others In Tweets

On Thursday, President Donald Trump shredded MSNBC host Brian Williams in a tweet, specifically calling him out for his stollen valor and claims he had made about the Iraq War.

“Lyin’ Brian Williams of MSDNC, a Concast Scam Company, wouldn’t know the truth if it was nailed to his wooden forehead,” President Trump tweeted. “Remember when he lied about his bravery in a helicopter? Totally made up story. He’s a true dummy who was thrown off Network News like a dog. Stay tuned!”

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President Trump then shared a video showing how Williams lied about being under fire in Iraq.

The President wasn’t done. He continued by hammering “the dumbest man on television” Don Lemon as well as Joe Scarborough.

“I must admit that Lyin’ Brian Williams is, while dumber than hell, quite a bit smarter than Fake News @CNN ‘anchorman’ Don Lemon, the ‘dumbest man on television’. Then you have Psycho Joe ‘What Ever Happened To Your Girlfriend?’ Scarborough, another of the low I.Q. individuals!” he tweeted.

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Check out what the Daily Wire reported:

Williams’ reputation has been under repair for years, and the New York Post reported in February that Williams could possibly replace Chris Matthews, who resigned after facing charges of sexual harassment. Matthews announced his resignation from MSNBC last month after being accused of “inappropriate behavior” by GQ columnist Laura Bassett.

Williams was fired after it was learned that he lied about an incident in Iraq, when he said a helicopter he was in was hit by a rocket-propelled grenade (RPG).

The NBC anchor, reportedly making $10 million a year, at first tried to claim he had “conflated” two incidents. “I was instead in a following aircraft,” Williams said on NBC in February 2015. “This was a bungled attempt by me to thank one special veteran, and by extension, our brave military men and women.”

“I would not have chosen to make this mistake,” Williams said on the air. “I don’t know what screwed up in my mind that caused me to conflate one aircraft with another.”

But crew members on the helicopter that was hit exposed Williams’ lie, which the news anchor told repeatedly in public. Crew members told Stars and Stripes that Williams was actually about an hour behind the three-helicopter formation that came under fire. “It was something personal for us that was kind of life-changing for me. I know how lucky I was to survive it,” said Lance Reynolds. “It felt like a personal experience that someone else wanted to participate in and didn’t deserve to participate in.”

In June of 2015, Williams was forced to apologize.

“I said things that weren’t true,” Williams said during an interview.

“It had to have been ego that made me think I had to be sharper, funnier, quicker than anybody else,” Williams said. He noted that “after work, when I got out of that building, when I got out of that realm, I used a double standard. Something changed. I was sloppy. I said things that weren’t true.”

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What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments below!

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Senator Lindsey Graham Unveils Incriminating FBI Revelations

Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Lindsey Graham released a handful of documents from the FBI’s counterintelligence investigation against President Trump on Monday, revealing previously unreported information from the intelligence community detailing just how extensive the errors committed by the FBI throughout the FISA process really were.

The bombshell documents from the Republican Senator included transcripts of a meeting between a confidential informant in the FBI and Trump’s campaign associate George Papadopolous, which contained exculpatory information for President Trump that the FBI failed to mention when they presented their case to the FISA courts.

Check out what Gregg Jarrett reported below:

Now we, the public, understand why Graham was fighting so hard. In the last 24-hours, Senator Graham released a 90-page transcript between George Papadopoulos and the FBI’s confidential human source (CHS) from October 23, 2016.

CBS News’ Catherine Herridge first reported on the matter saying the transcript “turned up no evidence of coordination between the campaign and Russia.” The lightly redacted transcript, formerly classified, was documented in the Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz report regarding the FBI’s surveillance of Carter Page, Trump’s former campaign aide.

Horowitz’s report stated, “Papadopoulos did not say much about Russia during the first conversation with Source 3, other than to mention a ‘friend Sergey…[who] lives in Brooklyn,’ and invite Source 3 to travel with Papadopoulos to Russia in the summertime.” Does any of that scream Russian interference with a United States Presidential election? No, no it does not.

George Papadopolous was a crucial player in the counterintelligence investigation against President Trump, having been accused of helping the Russians to collude in the 2016 election at the expense of Hillary Clinton. Papadopolous proceeded to be secretly recorded by confidential informants within intelligence agencies.

The FBI also placed a majority of their focus on Trump’s campaign associate Carter Page, who was the subject of a total of four applications filed to the FISA courts by the FBI. In recent months, high-ranking officials in the intelligence community have succumbed to increased scrutiny for their abuse of power throughout the investigation.

Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz detailed “17 significant inaccuracies and omissions” that were found in a review of the FISA warrants from the FBI, and two of the four have been deemed invalid altogether. Republican Senator Lindsey Graham has taken initiative on the stunning information from the Justice Department, promising to dive deeply into an investigation against the FBI within his committee.

The recently released documents from Senator Lindsey Graham highlight yet another example of the questionable actions committed by the FBI, showing that they knowingly presented faulty information to the courts in order to illegally obtain FISA warrants against President Trump and his campaign.

How do you feel about this news? Let us know in the comments below!

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President Trump: “China Will Do Anything They Can” To Prevent Reelection

President Trump cut through the media malarkey on Wednesday by stating the obvious that China is determined to prevent his reelection. 

In an Oval Office interview with Reuters News, the leader of the free world called the evil empire’s bluff and at the same time, sent a veiled warning to China’s domestic fifth column in the media. 

According to Trump: “China will do anything they can to have me lose this race.”

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His comments should come as no surprise to anyone who has been paying attention and who isn’t in the bag for the communist regime. 

The POTUS has rattled some big cages in Beijing for his refusal to continue the policies of his predecessors that put the United States at an economic disadvantage while greedy corporations offshore their production to China. 

Via Reuters, “Trump says China wants him to lose his bid for re-election”:

President Donald Trump said on Wednesday he believes China’s handling of the coronavirus is proof that Beijing “will do anything they can” to make him lose his re-election bid in November.

In an interview with Reuters in the Oval Office, Trump talked tough on China and said he was looking at different options in terms of consequences for Beijing over the virus. “I can do a lot,” he said.

Trump has been heaping blame on China for a global pandemic that has killed at least 60,000 people in the United States according to a Reuters tally, and thrown the U.S. economy into a deep recession, putting in jeopardy his hopes for another four-year term.

The Republican president, often accused of not acting early enough to prepare the United States for the spread of the virus, said he believed China should have been more active in letting the world know about the coronavirus much sooner.

Asked whether he was considering the use of tariffs or even debt write-offs for China, Trump would not offer specifics. “There are many things I can do,” he said. “We’re looking for what happened.”

“China will do anything they can to have me lose this race,” said Trump. He said he believes Beijing wants his Democratic opponent, Joe Biden, to win the race to ease the pressure Trump has placed on China over trade and other issues.

“They’re constantly using public relations to try to make it like they’re innocent parties,” he said of Chinese officials.

Much of those “public relations” are taking place in the U.S. mainstream media which has waged a four-year war on Trump and won’t do anything to offend China out of fear that there would reprisals against their business interests there. 

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Trump’s tough trade policies toward China as well as his holding the regime accountable for the spread of the coronavirus pandemic have infuriated liberals who have attacked him as a racist for putting America first.  

There is no question that Beijing would prefer to have a malleable, senile puppet like Joe Biden in the White House who can be counted on to quickly capitulate to the Chi-Coms and return to business as usual. 

Look for China’s efforts to meddle in our elections to intensify in the coming months. 

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NO JOKE: CA Governor Newsom Orders $1 Billion Worth Of Masks From Chinese Car Company

Tens of thousands of American companies have stepped up and begun making protective masks here in the United States of America, but California Governor Gavin Newsom has chosen to order over $1 billion worth of masks from China.

In fact, it’s a Chinese car company, which clearly doesn’t even specialize in protective masks.

Yes, you heard that right…A CHINESE CAR COMPANY!

Instead of investing $1 billion into the American economy, the far-left Governor is having them made overseas. Democrats have officially gone against Trump’s goal of “America First” once again.

Here’s the report from NBC Bay Area:

Three million surgical masks arrived in California as the first shipment in a major deal cut by Gov. Gavin Newsom for 200 million masks a month to protect health care and other workers from the coronavirus.

The weekend shipment came as part of a $104.7 million payment under a $1 billion contract with Chinese company BYD, Newsom’s finance director, Keely Bosler, wrote in a letter to lawmakers shared Monday.

The state already paid $495 million up front for the contract with BYD, an electric vehicle maker that recently transitioned to making masks amid the coronavirus pandemic. The rest of the money will be paid between mid-May and late June as shipments come in, Bosler wrote.

There is no excuse for a United States Governor to choose China – who began this whole pandemic – over America.

What is your reaction to this? Comment below with your thoughts.

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Dianne Feinstein Demands That McConnell Keep Senate On Paid Vacation

Democrats are hellbent at keeping the nation under lockdown and that also includes Congress which is currently enjoying an extended taxpayer-funded vacation due to the coronavirus. 

With Republican Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell ready to get back to work on Monday, he is facing resistance from top Senate Democrat Dianne Feinstein who is now demanding that he reverse course. 

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According to the octogenarian who is a living testament to the need for a constitutional amendment on term limits, it is too dangerous for the Senate to reconvene during the crisis and that McConnell needs to cancel his plans. 

Di Fi’s demand comes after Nancy Pelosi refused to reconvene the House as she hits the media circuit and gobbles down gourmet ice cream in her San Francisco mansion while jobless Americans starve. 

It is now no longer debatable that the Democrats are partially responsible for crashing the U.S. economy in order to bend the curve against President Trump’s reelection chances in November. 

Via The Hill, “Feinstein to McConnell: Cancel plan to bring Senate back amid coronavirus pandemic”:

Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) is urging Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) to cancel his plan to bring the Senate back to Washington, D.C., on Monday, saying the House did the “right thing” by deciding not to return next week.  

“I ask the majority leader to reconsider his plan to reconvene the Senate. He would bring 100 senators and many more staff members and reporters into close proximity while Washington itself remains under a stay-at-home order. There is no way to do this without increased risk. This is the wrong example for the country,” Feinstein said in a statement.  

Feinstein — who at 86 is the oldest senator — sent a letter to McConnell and Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.) on Wednesday that said the GOP leader should change his plans “in the interest of public health and sending the right message to the nation.”

“The only things that have been shown to reduce the rate of infection are sheltering in place and social distancing, neither of which is possible if we return to the Capitol. This is not the time to back off of protective measures when the disease is not yet in check,” Feinstein wrote. 

On Tuesday, Pelosi send her underling Rep. Steny Hoyer out to deliver the news that the House would effectively refuse to do its job by staying on recess indefinitely. 

Via NBC News, “Reversing course, House won’t return to D.C. next week because of coronavirus threat”:

A day after announcing that the House would reconvene in Washington next week, House Democrats reversed course and said Tuesday that lawmakers won’t be returning to the Capitol after all because of the coronavirus threat.

“We made a judgment that we will not come back next week,” House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer, D-Md., said in a phone call with reporters.

The announcement comes as Democrats are refusing to work on another coronavirus economic stimulus package unless it includes voting by mail which is ripe for fraud and cheating through ballot harvesting. 

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For Senator Feinstein, her insistence that McConnell prolong the pain also benefits one major player which stands to gain from an economic cataclysm in America – China. 

There has yet to be a Senate investigation into how Feinstein managed to employ a Chinese spy as a staffer for two decades and there likely never will be one even in the GOP-controlled Senate. 

One needs to really ask the question about Democrats: whose side are they on?

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Nancy Pelosi ‘Satisfied’ With Biden’s Denial of Sexual Assault Allegations

A new report from Fox News reveals that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is “satisfied” with presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden’s denial of sexual assault accusations. 

In a video clip, Pelosi officially endorsed Biden despite claims of sexual assault.

Pelosi did not make any mention of the allegations made against Biden in her endorsement video, according to Fox News.

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Fox reports that when they reached out to Pelosi’s office for comment, they referred Fox News to an April 17 interview with MSNBC in which she was asked if she’s satisfied with Biden’s denial.

“Yes, I am. I am very much involved in this issue. I always want to give the opportunity that women deserve to be heard. I am satisfied with his answer, yes. I’m proud to endorse Joe Biden for president of the United States because he will be an extraordinary president,” Pelosi said in the video. “He knows how to get the job done,” Pelosi said during that MSNBC interview.

“Joe Biden brings values and integrity to work every day, because he never forgets his roots,” Pelosi added. “Now more than ever we need a forward-looking, battle-tested leader who will fight for the people.”

Watch the Fox News clip below:

The allegations against Biden have kicked up a notch recently after several witnesses and a resurfaced video clip further corroborate her timeline and claims.

Tara Reade, who served as a staffer to Joe Biden when he was in the U.S. Senate, recently alleged that he sexually assaulted her back in 1993.

Last week, a damning video clip resurfaced of Tara Reade’s mother calling in to “Larry King Live” on CNN in 1993.

Reade’s mother can be heard asking King for advice on what to do as her daughter had a “problem” senator, at that time Biden’s position.

Listen below:

Last month, journalist Katie Harper released an audio clip of an interview with Tara Reade.

Reade begins by detailing how she was instructed to rush a gym bag to Biden at the time. Upon reaching then-Senator Biden with the bag, Reade claims that he greeted her by name, and proceeded to sexually assault her in a “side area.”

“We were alone, and it was the strangest thing. There was no, like, exchange really, he just had me up against the wall,” Reade claims.

“His hands were on me, and underneath my clothes,” Reade later says. “He went down my skirt, but then up inside. He penetrated me with his fingers.”

Reade alleges that Biden was kissing her and asking her if she “wanted to go somewhere else,” and that after the alleged assault was complete, he said, “C’mon man, I heard you liked me.”

Reade told Harper that Biden’s alleged phrase stuck with her because it made her think about what she “might have said.”

For me, it was like everything shattered in that moment because I knew that we were alone. It was over, right? He wasn’t trying to do anything more – but I looked up to him, he was like my father’s age, he was like this champion of women’s rights in my eyes and I couldn’t believe it was happening. It seemed surreal. I just felt sick because when he pulled back, he looked annoyed, and he said something else to me that I don’t want to say, and then he said – I must have looked shocked … I don’t know how I looked, but I must have looked something because he grabbed me by the shoulders, and said, “You’re okay. You’re fine. You’re okay. You’re fine,” and then he walked away, and went on with his day.

VOTE NOW: Should Trump punish China for lying about Coronavirus cases?

She then told Harper what Biden allegedly said: “He just like pointed at me and he said, ‘You’re nothing to me!’ And then he just looked at me and said, ‘You’re nothing. Nothing.’ … I must’ve reacted because that’s when he took me by the shoulders and he said, ‘You’re okay. You’re fine. You’re okay.'”

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Jordan Goes OFF: The Best Stimulus Is For People To Go Back to Work, Not More Govt Relief

While the mainstream media is committed to keeping America in lock down as long as possible, one Republican lawmaker is calling for the hysteria to end so that people can get back to work. 

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During an interview Wednesday on Fox News, Ohio GOP Rep. Jim Jordan told anchor Sandra Smith that the best stimulus is for people to go back to work, not another relief package.

“States are reopening, why wouldn’t Congress? Health care workers have never stopped. We’ve been working every single day’s out crisis but somehow U.S. Congress can’t come back to work,” Jordan began.

“There’s task force meetings all over the country but the task force that is supposed to meet and deal with the big issues, let’s get back in session. You are describing it, we can do it. I don’t know why you’re not back doing the work of the American people, it seems like that’s exactly where we should be but unfortunately Nancy Pelosi will not call us back,” he added.

Smith jumped back in and asked: “This fourth round of stimulus, this is largely being debated now. Questions over whether or not there will be a bipartisan support for another reef package, where do you stand?”

Jordan then really dropped the hammer.

“The best stimulus is to go back to work. The best phase for is to go back to work and we are seeing states do that,” he declared.

“We’ve already spent $3 trillion and that was necessary because when that local governments and state governments to help business owners you can’t engage in your livelihood and you can’t run your business, you have to help small businesses and you have to help small business owners,” he continued.

“The best approach now is let’s simply go back to work. Our states are beginning to do that, let’s do that as quickly as possible. That’s the best stimulus, that’s the best phase four, go back to work. I hope we can go back to work and get our economy up and running again,” he added.


Smith asked Jordan if he thought the country should re-open and if Congress should stop writing more relief checks. 

Jordan took the question in stride and said that most Americans want to get back to work and their normal lives. He also said he didn’t like the idea of making even more Americans dependent on the federal government. 

VOTE NOW: Should Trump punish China for lying about Coronavirus cases?

“I was talking to business owners this morning and that’s what they want to see. In fact remember, so many businesses or deemed essential, they never shut down,” Jordan said.

Jordan concluded: “So let’s let the rest of the economy open up, let’s follow the same processes, same protocol and seam procedures. Let’s let them open up and run their business. That’s the best stimulus, is phase four.”

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