Michael Avenatti Tries Using Coronavirus To Get Out Of Jail, Trump Mocks Him

Creepy porn lawyer Michael Avenatti, who once represented porn star Stormy Daniels, is now begging to be released from jail as he awaits his trial in New York, stating that he must be released so he doesn’t get COVID-19.

“Avenatti, who was convicted in February on extortion charges after the FBI recorded him trying to strong-arm Nike into paying him tens of millions of dollars to not go public with what he claimed was damning evidence of illegal activity by the shoe and clothing giant, has been in custody since January after prosecutors said he hid $1 million from his creditors, violating federal and state laws,” the Daily Wire reports.

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On Wednesday of last week, Avenatti asked a federal judge to be released on bail, alleging that he was vulnerable to the virus because of his cellmate.

“Avenatti’s attorney, Dean Steward, said his client contracted pneumonia around Christmas while he was out of custody, but he has since recovered,” the Orange County Register reported. “Avenatti’s New York cellmate, however, has fallen ill and appeared to have symptoms similar to COVID-19, according to Steward, who said the man has not been tested as far as his client knows.”

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“He’s more vulnerable than everybody else for that reason,” Steward said.

On Sunday however, Gregg Jarrett reported that the plea was unsuccessful. “A federal judge in Santa Ana, California has rejected a plea from convicted lawyer Michael Avenatti to be released from jail because of the risk he could contract the coronavirus,” Jarrett reported.

“The Court is mindful of the Covid 19 pandemic,” wrote U.S. District Judge James V. Selna. “The Court accepts Avenatti’s showing that the had pneumonia about six months ago. However, there is no showing that his cellmate was infected by the virus, and there have been no reported cases of Covid 19 at the New York MCC.2 As the Government points out, much of Avenatti’s criticism about the facility relate to a different facility in Brooklyn. There is no basis to release Avenatti on medical grounds.”

“We are deeply disappointed,” Steward said on Saturday after the ruling.

President Donald Trump also responded to the news in a tweet on Tuesday by sarcastically saying, “Gee, that’s too bad. Such a fine guy,” wrote the President. “Presidential aspirations you know!”

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Check it out below:

Check out what the Daily Wire reported:

Empowered by months of glowing media coverage over his Daniels-based attacks on Trump, the disgraced attorney once threatened to face off against the president in the 2020 race, but his presidential aspirations were derailed when a series of accusations and financial and legal woes came to light. The Nike extortion case as well as various fraud accusations put the final touches on the collapse of Avenatti’s career.

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