BREAKING: CNN’s Chris Cuomo Reveals Coronavirus Diagnosis

Moments ago, CNN’s Chris Cuomo revealed that he has tested positive for the Chinese Coronavirus.

“In these difficult times that seem to get more difficult and complicated by the day, I just found out that I am positive for coronavirus,” Cuomo posted on Twitter.

“I have been exposed to people in recent days who have subsequently tested positive and I had fevers, chills and shortness of breath,” he wrote. “I just hope I didn’t give it to the kids and Cristina. That would make me feel worse than this illness!”

Here is the full tweet:

Here’s the image he posted ,in case the tweet above doesn’t load for you:

While we disagree with Cuomo on everything when it comes to politics and his hatred for Trump, we don’t wish harm on him and his family.

We pray for a speedy recovery. 

Stay tuned to for the latest…

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Sanctuary Cities Ask Federal Government For Help After Ignoring Federal Law

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In an ironic turn of events, cities who refuse to abide by federal immigration law are now requesting help from the federal government. New York City is one of the cities that has been hit the hardest by the coronavirus, leaving mayor Bill de Blasio and governor Andrew Cuomo being forced to plead for help from the government, all the while allowing illegal immigrants to break the laws in their city.

Sanctuary city leaders are asking President Trump for 30,000 ventilators, millions of N95 protective masks, and lots of other medical supplies.

New York City happens to have a population of nearly half a million illegal immigrants in the city alone, and federal law requires hospitals to provide medical services regardless of the individuals citizenship, making it likely some hospital beds will be occupied by an illegal immigrants rather than an American citizen, if the coronavirus continues to spread throughout the city.

Check out what The Federalist reported below:

Localities that declared themselves “Sanctuary Cities” to reject federal law and coordination in order to harbor illegal immigrants are now begging for federal help in the face of the Wuhan virus pandemic.

New York City, which has become the epicenter of the Wuhan virus outbreak in the United States, is seeing a surging case load overwhelm its hospitals. The U.S. Department of Homeland Security warned Thursday that the situation has become so dire the city’s morgues are reaching capacity. Hospitals are stretched thin with dwindling supplies as New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio and the state’s governor Andrew Cuomo plead for resources from the feds, all while skirting immigration laws as a sanctuary state and city.

Both Andrew Cuomo and Bill de Blasio have issued numerous requests from the federal government to help fight against the coronavirus, taking the chance to fire shots at President Trump too.

Mayor Bill de Blasio placed the responsibility of his city on President Trump during a statement last week, saying “the fate of New York City rests in the hands of one. He is a New Yorker. And right now, he is betraying the city he comes from.”

While pleading for help from the federal government, Bill de Blasio asked for military intervention, millions of N95 protective masks, and thousands of ventilators.

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Governor Andrew Cuomo issued a similar request from the federal government, placing specific concern on ventilators, asking for 30,000, an amount larger than that of what is already in the national stockpile.

Although President Trump questioned the staggering amount, he has announced that several thousand will be shipped to the city.

How do you feel about this news? Let us know in the comments below!

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Joe Biden Begs For Campaign Donations In The Middle Of Global Pandemic; “I Know Times Are Tough, But…”

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Millions of Americans have filed for unemployment, businesses are closing down all across the country, and the economy has come to a grinding halt…but that didn’t stop good ol’ Joe Biden from begging for money from his supporters on Twitter.

On Tuesday evening, Biden tweeted out a desperate “end of quarter” donation push that got tons of horrible feedback on Twitter.

“Tonight marks our biggest public end-of-quarter deadline of the campaign so far. I know times are tough, but what’s at stake in this election has never been clearer. If you could chip in to help us reach our goal, I would really appreciate it”

As you can imagine, some of the responses were absolutely brutal:

Leave it to lunch bucket Joe to beg for money while millions of people are losing their jobs.


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Dr. Birx Reveals EXACTLY Who Is To Blame For ‘Any Lack Of Preparation’ With U.S. Addressing Coronavirus

Dr. Deborah Birx, who serves as the White House Coronavirus Response Coordinator, revealed this week that China is directly to blame for “any lack of preparation from U.S. officials” on dealing with the coronavirus outbreak.

During a briefing Tuesday from the White House, Birx said the U.S. is still “missing a significant amount of the data” from China.

“When you talk about could we have known something different, you know, I think all of us, I was overseas when this happened in Africa and I think when you look at the China data originally, and you said, there’s 80 million people, or 20 million people in Wuhan and 80 million people in Hubei, and they come up with the number of 50,000, you start thinking of this more like SARS than you do this kind of global pandemic,” Birx said.

Birx said that in “frank” terms that when she looked at the data from China during the first days of the outbreak that she did not think that it would be a global pandemic because of how densely populated the outbreak area was compared to the number of cases that China reported.

“So, I think the medical community interpreted the Chinese data as this was serious, but smaller than anyone expected because I think probably we were missing a significant amount of the data” from China, Birx continued, adding that U.S. officials now have a much better idea of the disease now that they have seen happen Italy and Spain.


Just how untrustworthy is China?

The Washington Post, certainly not a media outlet friendly to President Trump, reported that we should be cautious about trusting numbers and data out of China.

An article in the journal Science estimates that 86 percent of Hubei’s cases were undocumented by the time authorities extended the lockdown to Wuhan and other cities on Jan. 23.

It is also likely that officials reported lower numbers of deaths from covid-19, the disease caused by the coronavirus. Especially once the central government’s propaganda mission to win the “people’s war” against the virus became clear, numbers shifted to achieve that vision. Such shifts would probably be subtle — not hundreds or thousands of hidden deaths, but instead excluding deaths that could be attributed to other types of pneumonia or heart failure, for instance.

Bloomberg News also reported this week that pictures of thousands of urns at funeral homes in Wuhan have raised additional questions about the accuracy of numbers that China has reported.

Last week, Birx slammed the media during the White House coronavirus briefing on Thursday for peddling extreme predictions about the pandemic.

She said those overly excessive predictions don’t line up with the incoming data, while also pushing back against unfounded rumors that could alarm the public.

Birx said 19 of all 50 states with confirmed cases have low levels of the outbreak.

“When people start talking about 20 percent of a population being infected, it’s very scary,” she said during Thursday’s White House briefing. “But we don’t have data that matches that based on the [actual] experience.”

Birx also pushed back against rumors of changes to do-not-resuscitate policies, saying such falsehoods could scare the public. Hospitals across the United States are reportedly discussing the possibility of a blanket do-not-resuscitate policy for infected patients to prevent the virus from spreading.

“There is no situation in the United States right now that warrants that kind of discussion,” Birx said.

Birx ripped the media and said they have “frightened the American people” with salacious reporting surrounding the coronavirus outbreak.

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‘Born For This Moment’: Historian Says President Trump Is BEST To Handle Virus Ciris

President Donald Trump is best suited to handle the coronavirus because he was “born for this moment,” according to one historian who has spent decades analyzing U.S. presidents and their traits.

Historian, author, and former presidential adviser Doug Wead, who has followed every president since Gerald R. Ford, has been doing a detailed comparison of how the seven most recent presidents would have handled the crisis — and if they would have been successful.

“The current fight favors a president quick to decide, willing to let businesses help out, friendly with the media, and with a deep desire to do it right,” said Wead, whose latest book is Inside Trump’s White House: The Real Story of His Presidency.

Of the seven, he told the Washington Examiner none had everything going for them, but two had three of four needed traits: Trump and Bill Clinton.

He was born for this moment. He has a strong desire to handle it well. He knows how to bring back the economy in a way that Obama couldn’t. He has the confidence and optimism of Reagan and no help from the media. A more establishment Republican would hesitate before committing to a large government program. Trump has no qualms about it. As a former businessman, Trump also set corporations free to help.

There is one other element to understanding Trump. He was on the motivational circuit. I was too. We all expect our leaders to be winners. We want our surgeon, our airline pilot, our accountant, our attorney to all be winners. He wants to be a winner as a president. He wants to live up to the speeches he gave onstage as a motivational speaker.

Here’s what Wead wrote about former President Barack Obama:

His presidency was over as soon as he was elected. He was given the Nobel Peace Prize. As the first African American president, he is assured a huge place in history. He had no drive to do anything. Obama saw everything as the responsibility of others. He blamed everything bad that happened in his administration on his predecessor and then tried to take credit for all the good that happened under Trump.

And here’s what Wead argued about former President Bill Clinton:

He seems to have some of the emotional qualities needed to deal with this current crisis. Of course, if it had happened on his own watch, with all that was going on in his personal life, it could have been disastrous.

But if he were the president today, like Trump, he would have a deep desire to do it right, and, like Trump, he would know how to merge some of the best of the private and public sectors. He also would have media allies.

Many would certainly agree with Wead that Trump is best suited and equipped to handle the virus 

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Bernie Gets Desperate, Says Coronavirus Shows ‘How Dangerous’ Trump Is

Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders is obviously getting desperate.

With his campaign flailing, he’s in desperate need of a boost — and what he’s trying to do is not going to sit well with many Americans.

During a sit down interview on Monday night with Late Night host Seth Meyers, the socialist senator claimed President Donald Trump is the “most dangerous president in modern history” and added that “we’re seeing just how dangerous” the president is during the coronavirus pandemic.

Meyers, who hosted the show from his home, interviewed Sanders, his “first remote guest,” during the show’s return.

Meyers asked Sanders if he believes he has a viable path forward to win the Democrat nomination — a point that has fallen through the cracks in recent weeks with the emergence of the coronavirus. 

While Sanders, who broadcasted from his home in Burlington, Vermont, said he did believe a path — albeit, a narrow one — existed, he committed to rallying the base for Joe Biden in the event that the former vice president secures the nomination instead.

“What I have said, Seth, from day one, when I announced, that it is absolutely imperative that we defeat Donald Trump, who, in my view, is the most dangerous president in the modern history of this country,” Sanders explained, proclaiming that we’re “seeing just how dangerous he is” during the pandemic.

“And we’re seeing just how dangerous he is with all of the misinformation that he is providing during this coronavirus pandemic. So, yes, we have got to defeat Trump, and if I am not the nominee, I will do everything I can to see that Joe Biden is elected president,” Sanders added.


Sanders said he is remaining in the race to “continue the fight” for the issues he cares about, like Medicare for All.

“We have a strong grassroots movement who believe that we have got to stay in in order to continue the fight, to make the world know that we need Medicare for all, that we need to raise the minimum wage to a living wage, that we need paid family and medical leave, one of the crises that we’re dealing with right now, that we must address climate change and education, all the issues that we have been talking about,” he said. “Campaigns are an important way to maintain that fight and raise public consciousness on those issues.”

Sanders has used the coronavirus pandemic to push for his socialist policies, such as Medicare for All.

He recently told his supporters that the U.S. “is at a severe disadvantage compared to every other major country on earth” due the a lack of a single-payer health care system. 

Bernie’s delusional comments won’t surprise many. After all, this is the same lawmaker who promised during the coronavirus pandemic that he would never close America’s borders and provide taxpayer healthcare to everyone.

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Rush Limbaugh Takes Jab At Matt Drudge For Purposely Scaring The American People

Conservative talk radio show host Rush Limbaugh took a jab at Matt Drudge for using his highly-trafficked aggregation website to scare the American people.

During a segment on his radio show, Rush took issue with figures in the mainstream media spreading fear about the coronavirus in America.

Limbaugh also questioned hospitalization numbers throughout the country, and took particular issue with the Drudge Report pushing these unverified reports out to millions of Americans.

“One of the things that interests me is the hospitalization numbers,” Limbaugh began. “Because if you look at Drudge, if you look at the drive-by media, you would believe there is not a single hospital bed in this country, right?”

“You have been led to believe that every hospital is overflowing,” he continued. “That dead bodies are in body bags and refrigerated trucks that are being parked off to landfills, or whatever. I mean, some of the most incredible reporting I have seen, and it is in New York, it is in Washington, D.C., Maryland, the eastern seaboard states. There’s just not a hospital bed around, the hospitals are overflowing.”

He then said that if someone needed to go to the hospital, they might as well “pack it in and die.”

Limbaugh did not acknowledge that approximately a dozen states have taken steps to create additional field hospitals to treat the overwhelming flow of patients. Sports stadiums and convention centers have been repurposed, while the Army Corps of Engineers has looked into building temporary structures. 

Additionally, two Navy ships have been deployed to help alleviate the burden on hospitals.

Rush comments came one day after he revealed that he is “feeling better than I have in a long, long time” in the wake of his recent diagnosis with advanced lung cancer.

“Just a little update on me. You might notice my voice is a little strange. It’s not. It’s just from lack of use. I’m actually feeling better than I have in about a month. I’m actually feeling what I would call normal prior to the cancer diagnosis happened,” Limbaugh began on Monday’s show.

“And I’m in a temporary hold right now. I had a dire, dire, dire reaction, side effect reaction to the type of chemo I was on. The bottom line is I couldn’t walk for three days. My leg muscles had swollen, it was hideous. It was hideous. Blood clot in the left calf. Even had some eye damage in my right eye,” he continued.

Limbaugh concluded: “And so I had to go off the stuff, and I’m in a temporary hold right now. Steroids have been administered to undo the damage, and they’re working like a champ. And so regardless of how my voice sounds, be confident here that I’m feeling better than I have in a long, long time.”

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“But it’s ongoing. It’s been two weeks now. It’s not enough time to know anything, although I’m extremely optimistic about it for a host of reasons, not the least of which — and I mean this from the bottom of my heart — is all of you,” he said.

“I believe God is good. I believe that there is good in everything that happens,” he said.

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GOP Introduces Bill To CANCEL Wasteful Stimulus Payments Directed By Nancy Pelosi

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Speaker Nancy Pelosi offered a variety of wasteful spending options included inside the coronavirus stimulus bill passed last week, but luckily, most of her provisions were excluded from the final draft of the legislation.

Nevertheless, the speaker managed to slip in a questionable request that included a payment of $25 million taxpayer dollars going to the Kennedy Center, a large performing arts center. However, after the theater recently announced their plans to furlough 60% of their employees, Republican Representative Bryan Steil introduced a bill to rescind the payments to the theater.

The Kennedy Center employs more than three thousand people, and they already receive millions of dollars in funding from the federal government each year.

This bill would effectively prohibit Nancy Pelosi’s provision giving $25 million taxpayer dollars to the Kennedy Center, and it is backed by several Republicans including House Minority Whip Steve Scalise.

Check out what the Daily Caller reported below:

Republican Wisconsin Rep. Bryan Steil introduced a bill Friday to rescind the $25 million for the Kennedy Center that was included in the $2 trillion coronavirus package, as they have laid off musicians.

Steil’s bill, which has 15 cosponsors including House Minority Whip Steve Scalise, would pull the $25 million for the Kennedy Center. According to Steil, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi was likely the one who had the idea for the funding for the Kennedy Center in the first place.

While speaking with the Daily Caller, the Republican Representative fired multiple shots at Democrat leader Nancy Pelosi for her partisan actions throughout the drafting of the coronavirus stimulus bill, and discussed his decision to introduce legislation blocking the payments.

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“So we were negotiating this bill. Nancy Pelosi holds up getting relief to Americans to try to get this and other things in the bill. And so the day that the House passed this bill, I drove from Janesville, Wisconsin, to Washington, D.C. to be there,” he said.

“I spoke on the bill, spoke about how I thought the funding for the Kennedy Center was inappropriate. And then before I left Washington, D.C. to drive back home, the day we passed the bill, I dropped this bill into the hopper and introduced it to start day one. The moment after we passed a bill to begin the work of improving it and getting out of the bill, inappropriate funding. A handful of days later, after this passes and you find out that the Kennedy Center is laying people off. That’s almost the icing on the cake,” he added.

Whether or not the bill introduced by the Republicans will pass or not is up to the members of Congress, but to avoid bad optics, it looks as if most representatives will be voting in favor of the bill, possibly rendering Nancy Pelosi’s legislation useless.

Do you support this bill from the Republican Representatives? Let us know in the comments below!

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DOJ Reveals Serious Problems For FBI After Reviewing More FISA Warrants

A bombshell new report from the Justice Department’s Office of the Inspector General detailed even more serious allegations against the FBI on Tuesday for their abuse of power represented in the FISA process. 

The watchdog conducted an investigation into the spy warrants filed by the FBI after finding “17 significant inaccuracies and omissions” in the warrants against President Trump’s campaign associate Carter Page, and the Inspector General now says that he has a “lack of confidence” with the FBI’s ability to file spy warrants.

The subsequent investigation by the Justice Department focused on 29 applications filed by the FBI throughout October 2014 to September 2019, and it found errors in all of the spy warrants under review. Investigators also say that mandatory documents to verify the statements in four of the warrants were nonexistent.

“As a result of our audit work to date and as described below, we do not have confidence that the FBI has executed its Woods Procedures in compliance with FBI policy,” said the OIG.

Earlier this month, presiding FISA Judge James Boasberg issued a rare statement to the public offering similar opinions on the FBI, saying he has lost the trust of the intelligence community.

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Judge Boasberg also prohibited many high-ranking individuals from using the FISA courts as a result.

The damning new report from the Justice Department included a number of damaging accusations, adding on to the Inspector General’s infamous investigation into the Carter Page warrants released last year.

Check out the details from the Daily Caller below:

The OIG investigation of the Carter Page FISA applications found numerous errors with the Woods Files used in that investigation. The OIG report, released Dec. 9, 2019, found that FBI agents working the case failed to validate information from the infamous Steele dossier.

According to the latest audit, OIG investigators were unable to locate four Woods Files for the 29 FISA applications, suggesting that FBI agents never filled them out.

The OIG audit also identified “apparent errors or inadequately support facts” in the 25 applications that were available for review.

The audit also found that the FBI and Justice Department’s National Security Division did not conduct appropriate oversight of FISA procedures.

Republican Senators and U.S prosecutor John Durham have been looking into the intelligence community for their role in misleading the FISA courts for months, and investigations are only picking up speed. 

Senate Judiciary Chairman Lindsey Graham started conducting an investigation within his committee after President Trump’s acquittal in the Senate, and the Justice Department expanded John Durham’s initial probe into a criminal investigation just a few months ago.

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Now that there is even more documented evidence in the allegations against the FBI, senior ranking intelligence officials are at a serious risk of having consequences for their attempt to take down President Trump.

What are your thoughts on this news? Let us know in the comments below!

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Gavin Newsom Lavishes Trump With Praise While Speaking To Mark Zuckerberg

During a livestream with Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg on Tuesday, Democratic California governor Gavin Newsom praised President Donald Trump for his efforts to combat the coronavirus in the United States.

“The president of the United States directly himself directed the USNS Mercy to the state of California and he did it before we were in an acute crisis so we could prepare not just the ship, but we could prepare for what the ship will do to decompress the rest of our health care delivery system and I am really grateful to him and I mean that. I don’t say that lightly,” Newsom said to Zuckerberg.

WATCH the clip below:

With help from President Trump, Newsom has been able to achieve a very positive response in combating the coronavirus crisis.

Doctors and state leaders in the San Francisco area are optimistic that the decision to prematurely lockdown the city has had an extremely positive effect in combating the coronavirus.

The leaders seem to agree that this decision had a direct impact in preventing surges of coronavirus cases.

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Check out what Politico reported:

Six Bay Area counties were first in the country to adopt aggressive tactics with an enforceable March 16 order requiring residents to stay at home. Gov. Gavin Newsom quickly followed with a statewide order three days later restricting the state’s 40 million residents from all but essential activities.

After 14 days — the outermost period at which symptoms are believed to emerge post-infection — doctors at area hospitals are now reporting fewer cases than they expected to see at this point, and officials credit the lockdown with stemming the tide of patients they feared would flood into emergency rooms.

Northern California offered a rare glimpse of optimism Monday as the U.S. recorded its most coronavirus deaths in one day and Washington, D.C.-area jurisdictions — Maryland, Virginia and the District of Columbia — issued their first enforceable stay-at-home orders. Health officials across the nation are eyeing the Bay Area as a bellwether to determine the effects of social distancing, since the region’s policies were replicated in various states and cities in subsequent days.

The purpose in locking down the area earlier opposed to later was to allow hospitals time to prepare for the rush of patients needing attention for the coronavirus.

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“We believe very strongly the stay-at-home order has helped advance our efforts in reducing the stress on the system that we believe would have already materialized in more acute ways had we not advanced those protocols when we did,” said California Governor Gavin Newsom on Monday.

Politico continues:

Stephen Parodi, a infectious disease doctor and associate executive director with The Permanente Medical Group in Northern California, said that Kaiser Permanente is “seeing a leveling off of Covid-19 cases in our hospitals” across Northern California, where it serves 4.5 million members. Kaiser has also seen calls related to colds and coughs drop by more than half since social distancing took effect, a key indicator that precedes hospitalization, he said.

“While we still predict an upcoming surge, the partnership between the health system and public health officials on the local and state levels to implement social distancing has given us more time to put a lot of pieces in place to prepare for a potential surge,” Parodi said in a statement.

Many Bay Area residents have faced restrictions for longer than 14 days. A week before the shelter-in-place order, Santa Clara County issued an enforceable ban on gatherings of more than 1,000 people, a move that forced cancellation of pro sporting events and concerts. San Francisco and Oakland soon followed suit. The jurisdictions also strongly urged that employers shift to remote work.

Because testing remains uneven, it’s difficult to draw broad comparisons between regions. A few weeks ago, America’s most populous state drew the nation’s greatest concern after community spread was detected here first. But California now has fewer total deaths than five other U.S. states, according to the Johns Hopkins University Coronavirus Resource Center. And on a per capita basis, 13 states had a higher death rate Monday.

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