Nadler Makes Impeachment U-Turn After Bogus Ukraine Allegations Fail

Democrats and their impeachment managers have not gained any traction with their Ukraine hoax as a reason to remove President Trump from office so they are now once again, lying about Russian collusion.

Let’s face it. This impeachment sham was always going to happen regardless of what Nancy Pelosi said but the “evidence” that was supposed to underpin their coup to reverse the 2016 election imploded when Robert Mueller failed to deliver.

So they came up with a convoluted ginned-up case against Trump over the alleged withholding of millions of dollars in aid to the corrupt former Soviet country that Dems ran their rackets out of during the Obama years but it failed to catch fire.

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Dems quickly went to Plan B – RUSSIA, RUSSIA, RUSSIA, RUSSIA, RUSSIA, RUSSIA… 

So there was House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerrold Nadler invoking the great Putin boogeyman on CBS’s “Face The Nation” where he flogged the dead horse that Trump was in cahoots with the Kremlin to cheat Hillary out of the presidency that she was entitled to.

According to Nadler via the transcript:

The GAO, the General Accountability Office, just came out this week and pointed out that withholding money from Uk- from Ukraine that Congress had appropriated is against the law. 

But we didn’t need them to tell us that. And the reason he did that was in order to extort a foreign government to- to smear his political opponents for his personal benefits and to help try to rig the 2020 election as he worked with the Russians to try to rig the 2016 election. The same pattern. 

So, there is no question that working with a foreign- working with a foreign power, trying to extort a foreign power to interfere in our election is about as bad as you can imagine. 

But Mueller never had a shred of evidence that this occurred and other than jackleg scoundrels like Nadler, conspiracy theory mills like MSNBC and the lunatic fringe on Twitter, the Russian collusion delusion ranks up there with such beauties as the moon landing was a fake, a missile hit the Pentagon on 9/11 and that the world will end in ten years due to climate change. 

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It has not been a good week for the longtime enemy of Trump who with impeachment sees a way to avenge years of battles during their time in New York and the billionaire real estate developer’s mockery of the congressman as “Fat Jerry.” 

His meltdown in the Senate where he accused Republican senators of being engaged in a cover-up earned him a rebuke from Justice John Roberts although it didn’t deter either he or Adam Schiff from repeatedly playing the Russia card in front of their captive audience. 

According to Schiff:

“It’s a breathtaking success of Russian intelligence. I don’t know if there’s ever been a greater success of Russian intelligence. Whatever profile Russia did of our president, boy did they have him spot on — flattery and propaganda, flattery and propaganda is all Russia needed,” 

“This is just the most incredible propaganda coup because as I said yesterday, it’s not just that the president of the United States standing next to Vladimir Putin is reading Kremlin talking points. He won’t read his own national security staff talking points.”

Despite being repeatedly debunked, Russian collusion is the last refuge of scoundrels and Democrats like Nadler have repeated this big lie often enough that they may actually believe it now. 

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