Jonathan is broke, always complaining – PDP Chieftain [VIDEO]


Former Director of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, New Media, Deji Adeyanju, has announced  that former President Goodluck Jonathan is broke.

Adeyanju, made the comment in an interview with Saharareporters stating that since leaving office, the former President frequently complained of experiencing insufficient fund.

The former PDP youth leader also insisted that though Jonathan was incorrupt, most people around him were corrupt.

According to Adeyanju, “I don’t think that the former President, Jonathan, was corrupt but he had too many corrupt people around him. He was a simple man, had trust on people.

“His problem was that he trusted so many people but they did not leave up to expectation. He gave them room to operate and now he complains that he don’t have money.

“If a former President can be complaining all the time, which he does frequently; he starts raising the issue of people that stole so much money and he just shake his head.”