Benue Residents blast Ortom over poor performance


A few occupants of Benue State have frowned at the governor, Samuel Ortom for an alleged non-performance within the last two years of his administration.

Some of the citizens, who spoke with news screw in Benue, disclosed that Ortom had clearly indicated that he was not capable of leading the state, adding that he should buckle up or forget 2019.

Ortom had revealed that Benue State government House was filled with witchcraft, idol worshipers before he came on board.

The governor had in his second anniversary speech, while outlining his achievements, noted that noted that his emergence as the state governor purged the government of all forms of ungodliness, witchcraft and idol worshiping.

According to him, “Ladies and gentlemen at the time we took over. There was poor security of lives and property in Benue State. Government business was sluggish

“Corruption and brazen embezzlement of funds was so obvious that it could be seen and touched.

“Lying was the language of governance. Wild parties, orgies, ungodliness, witchcraft, and idol worshipping was common and Government House was desecrated with all forms of ungodliness.”

Speaking with our correspondent, a Benue citizen, Akogwu Micheal said, “Ortom is a failure, he did nothing for Benue as a governor; while others are commissioning great projects in their various states to commemorate their second anniversary, his own achievement is wheelbarrow and chasing of witchcraft. This is sad.”

Ace lawyer and activist, John-Wayne Anejo while speaking on the governor’s achievement said, “My challenge is the focus on David Mark at a time they should be warming their ways into the hearts of people for the challenges of the past 2 years. I pray and wish the Governor knows this is not helpful. My prayers and good wish are with him. May God save our Benue.”

On her part, Jossy Olechi said, “It is two years already and the only thing my our governor has been able to achieve include accumulation of debts for next administration, refusal to pay Benue civil servants even after the federal government has released the Paris Club Fund, engaging on two trips to China with money meant for the development of Benue, compensating Benue youths with wheel barrow, our only state University (BSU) is on strike. It is a shame.”

Tina Ajunwa-Okunrinboye said, “Posterity will be unkind to bad leaders. What goes around comes around. I benefited from Benue State bursary allowance in my educational pursuit to a Master’s Degree level during my time. If Gov Ortom can do one thing that will stand the test of time; the God he serves will remember him for good.

“Let him open up the Scholarship Board and give Scholarship to our highly intelligent and restive youths who have all it takes to b educated, but due to poor parental background they are helpless and hopeless. We need to have a responsive government to make Benue State great again.”

Frederick Akor Ocheme said, “He has been good in studying the predisposition of the people and using it to his advantage. He knows the people are religious. He knows some MOG held in high esteem and has deceitfully aligned with them so that he would be seen in good light.

“No other governor in the country merits the award of hypocrisy except Orthom. The first governor whose project is dedication of the state to God but chose to punish d same people dedicated to God with thorns of hunger and deprivation. The “Born Again” governor that is surrounded with cultists and high level murderers. Since there is nothing to celebrate, I recommend that we declare Mourning Day to commemorate Orthom’s two years in office.‎”