Why people say I’m arrogant- Dayo Amusa


Beautiful actress cum singer, Dayo Amusa, is quite popular in the Yoruba section of the entertainment industry. She is also perceived as one of the arrogant female celebrities in Nigeria,  but she has refuted such claims.
‘The wildest thing I’ve heard about myself is when people say I am arrogant. Then I look at myself and say, ‘You people don’t even know me’, probably because of the roles I play in movies makes them feel I’m arrogant, but I am far from such a person in reality,’’ she said.
Amusa also revealed what makes her different from any other musician.
“I do not see Dayo Amusa as one that has that music ground yet. If you are talking about movies, I can agree with you, but for music, I don’t think I have really gotten that stand yet, and it’s not like I’m coming into it to seek for a stand or so, but those that have been in the game, of course I give it to them and I respect their individual efforts. Like I said, I am just doing my music for fun, I am not competing with anybody. At any point in time where I go to perform at any function, I’ve been really appreciated by my fans. It’s been encouraging, the love I get is overwhelming, I have never had any reason to regret going into music.’’