60% of teachers in Niger using fake certificate — Gov. Abubakar Bello


According to the governor of Niger state, Abubakar Bello, 60 percent of primary and secondary school teachers in public schools in the state used fake and invalid certificates to obtain teaching jobs.

According to reports, the governor made the statement when he received members of the Board of Directors of Bida Emirate Education Forum, led by its Chairman, Prof Jonathan Ndagi, in Minna on Wednesday 8th February.

He also added that the incompetency on the part of teachers has lead to continuous failure in exams, WAEC and NECO.

He said that the attention of the state government had been drawn to the fact that most primary and secondary school teachers used fake certificates to get employment.

According to governor Abubakar Bello, most of them in public schools do not have the requirement and are not qualified to teach.

“Information reaching us is that majority of our teachers in public schools do not have the competency to teach and that is why the state has record of mass failure in WAEC and NECO.

“Primary school is the basic foundation for children, if the foundation is faulty, then we will bring graduating students who cannot compete with their compatriots”, he said.

The governor directed the Ministry of Education to look at the challenges facing public schools and suggest how best government can intervene.

“Identify the genuine teachers and the fake ones. The real teachers will be compensated and paid well.

“Teachers’ salaries will be reviewed and those with fake certificates will be fished out because if we allow this to continue it will mean the children of the ordinary men don’t have hope,” he added.