Upcoming Actress, Genny Uzoma, Speaks On Sexual Harassment



Nollywood actress Genny Uzoma has not only confirmed rumors of how filmmakers demand for sex in the Nigerian movie industry, but has also given an in-depth knowledge of the rumor.

  According to her, wooing is not sexual harassment.

In a recent interview, she confirmed that she has been wooed by several filmmakers in the industry. She also revealed that being wooed does not translate to sexual harassment. “Wooed by a filmmaker? Ok, let’s put it this way, wooing is by no means sexual harassment, so I guess it’s safe to say yes, I’ve been wooed by several filmmakers,” she said.

In response to whether her talent is what has gotten her roles and not her beauty, she said: “I’m a hundred and one per cent confident of my talents, The raw talent is definitely there, I also nurture and build it up by reading acting books, taking some acting courses online and picking up tips anywhere I can to improve on my craft.”