How I Survived My Mother’s Wickedness To Me – Alex Apoko aka ‘Ringtone’


How I Survived My Mother's Wickedness To Me - Alex Apoko aka 'Ringtone'

Top Kenyan gospel musician, Alex Apoko aka ‘Ringtone is yet another star with a scar to match. His story is one that shows how determined souls can still emerge the star they were born to be despite their sad and humble beginnings. He talks about his story from sadness to joy, from despair to triumph, from his mother’s harsh and wickedness to him to God’s abundant grace for him. Though having overcome the aftermath of his childhood sufferings, as he looks back and retells his story, it seems the bad memories are still etched on the bedrock of his mind.

So many of us look back and remember with excitement our childhood ages. The pamperings, loves, cares lavished on us, our mothers’ warmth embrace and cuddles but not Alex Apoko. Imagine being dumped at the doorstep of a bar where thieves, armed robbers, thugs, ruffians come to drink, smoke and womanize. That was exactly what Alex mother did to him. This bar was on a popular Kenya street called Tom Mboya, Nairobi and it was frequently visited by his father.

According to him, his mother believed his father will visit there that night and see the new born baby and take him away, but that was not the case as his father never showed up that night. Fortunately for him, his uncle visited there that night and recognized the baby’s wrappings, took baby Alex to his paternal grandmother who took him and brought him up as her own child. Twenty-six (26) years after, Alex Apoko aka Ringtone is among the most sought after gospel singers in Kenya and beyond. He is also now a rich singer who at various occasions dine and wine with the great and mighty in Kenya.

Even those who are familiar with his childhood sufferings and upbringing are amazed by his current glamorous lifestyle, but his journey to stardom has not been on a ride with a ‘silver spoon’.