Kisses on set are real most times — Egbenya Christabel


The Edo-State born Nollywood actress, Christabel Egbenya has featured in so many movies since she got into the movie industry. She is talented and has brought it on in many of her movies but like every actor, there are some roles that still torment or describe their careers. For Christabel, her character in Room 202, where she got rather too comfortable with Frank Artus hasn’t left the tongues and minds of some people who believed the actress really turned on the fire.

Kisses on set are real most times — Egbenya Christabel
Kisses on set are real most times — Egbenya Christabel

When they brought the script, I read it and they told me the people I would sleep with in the movie. I just had to get into the character and I started acting it out” she told Potpourri in a recent interview.

In the movie, the beautiful actress and Frank had to do a lot of scenes with kisses which they did with much energy and conviction that it was almost real.

According to her, “It’s real. The kisses are real. In ‘Kingdom of Pleasure’, ‘Kingship’, Frank Artus and I kissed and touched very well because he’s my friend. We were always on set together and we talk once in a while, so we had to make it real“.

She also recall “In that film, Frank Artus came back from America and he was asked to marry his late father’s wife, Ngozi Ezeonu who was much older, as tradition demanded. He refused because he wanted me. So, he used to come to town to visit me and we make love. In the movie, ‘King’s Throne’, I also did a raunchy role with Frank Artus where it looked as if we had real sex, like he was really inside me and I was enjoying it. Most people believed it was real, but the people who were in there know that we didn’t do anything“.