WIRED:Strange Baby born with Elephant face;Villagers pay Homage in India


According to the popular saying ‘The world will soon come to an end’ because of the strange and wired things happening around the world ,this is another strange gist which happened in India days ago about a strange baby called Elephant girl born about 7am as the forth child to a health and normal parents with facial lumps as herĀ  noise.

However, it is said that the lumpsĀ  which appear to have divided her nose into two when she still in her mother’s womb was cause due to genetic mutation triggered by malnutrition and increase pollution reported by ANI and doctors who did some test on her.

But villagers of Uttar Predesh and Allgarh neigbouring village of Uttar Predesh in India heard about the news, then decided to pay homage,worship her calming that she is a deity like their god called Lord Genasha, one of the gods in Hinduism,deity of wisdom and intelligence worhship by millions.

Aunt of the new born girl who express her opinion about the baby told news agency ” My sister-in-law gave birth to a girl and her face looks exactly like Lord Genasha