Why My Husband took Ebola to Nigeria – Patrick Sawyer’s Wife Defend Husband


Wife of Late Patrick Sawyer (Decontee Sawyer)
Wife of Late Patrick Sawyer (Decontee Sawyer)

Mrs. Sawyer has risen to her husband’s defence and explained why he travelled into Nigeria despite being infected.

Patrick Saywer the Liberian-American who died of Ebola in Nigeria has become infamous for being the one who brought the dreadful virus in the Country.

Mr. Sawyer entered Nigeria with dreaded Ebola virus with intentions to attend an ECOWAS meeting in spite knowing he was infected with dreadful Ebola virus. He died in Lagos on July 25 of the illness.

From that point forward, Nigerians, and even his fellow Liberians, have castigated the late Mr. Sawyer for his recklessness and wickedness.

Nonetheless, Sawyer’s wife, Decontee, who is a radio host in New York, has protected her spouse activities.

In an article published on TMZ Liberia Magazine with words selected from her Facebook page, she said:

“I’ve read other reports in other papers about Patrick’s “recklessness.” I get where they’re coming from, and they certainly have the right to feel the way they do.

However, as Patrick’s widow, I would like to shed some light on this from another perspective. One that only I, his wife, would know,” she wrote.

“I knew Patrick better than anybody else (including himself). He had told me many times in the past how much he didn’t trust the Liberian healthcare system.

He would tell me about how a person would get checked in for one thing, and get misdiagnosed and get the wrong treatment as a result. On top of that, Patrick was a clean freak, and told me how filthy a lot of the hospitals were.

“He didn’t tell me this, but I know in my heart of hearts that Patrick was determined to get to Nigeria by all means because he felt that Nigeria would be a place of refuge.

He has expressed to me many times in the past that he felt passionately about helping to be a part of strengthening Liberia’s healthcare system, but he knew it wasn’t there yet, and he wouldn’t want to take a chance with his life because a lot of people depended on him… Patrick had a passion for life, and he wouldn’t have wanted his to end.

So, I bet anything that he was thinking, if I could only get to Nigeria, a way more developed country than Liberia, I would be able to get some help. How ironic.”

“Patrick went to Nigeria for help so that he can get properly diagnosed, and not misdiagnosed in Liberia. And if it came back that he did have Ebola, he trusted the Nigerian healthcare system a lot more than he trusted the Liberian’s. His action, as off as it was, was a desperate plea for help. Patrick didn’t want to die, and he thought his life would be saved in Nigeria.”

A total of 3 deaths and 7 affirmed instances of Ebola infected persons have been recorded in Nigeria including Sawyer himself and individuals who had primary contact with him.

Nigeria was Ebola free before Sawyer board on 2 planes into the country. President Goodluck Jonathan described him as  a crazy man while Nigeria’s Health Minister, Onyebuchi Chukwu accused him of placing unnecessary stress on the nation’s healthcare system

  • Zeera

    This woman is as mad and wicked as her husband. Is Nigeria’s healthcare better than that of US where she is or is urinating on the health officials and telling lies he had no contact with an ebola victim when his sister died of it looking for better healthcare in Nigeria??? He is a very wicked and useless man even you Decontee. Even your name sounds like devil

  • siina

    Lol… w£ll said zeera,SMH

  • TeeA

    You are worse than your husband

  • wise view

    If more info couple with records would be put on paper, different story shall be heard soonest. Am vividly sure this is not the reason while he came into nigeria. She has no point on her hubby visiting Nigeria. Devilish intention, I guess.

  • onos

    Mr Patrick was send from the kingdom of darkness but the God that stood behind us in time of flu, laser fever, mad caw disease etc is still alive for Nigeria that is the God of Good-luck J b

  • johngold

    The monster Sawyer, I believe must have been paid by Boko Haram to come and spread ebola in Nigeria. His actions speaks loudly that he did not come here to seek better healthcare. He should have gone to the US If he is looking for such. What do u expect Decontee? Sawyer must have deposited all the money paid to him by the terorists in her account…that is why she will stay at America andbe giving us such devilish excuses… like husband like wife…

  • Kenneth Chidozie Onyemerekwe

    Like crazy Husband Like Miserable wife. It is becoming obvious that this mischievous family has achieve devilish mission. His is American-Liberian; Miserable wife is in US; US Healthcare system is superb; The world know that Nigerian Healthcare is far below standard. Ghana, South-Africa are way far better.


  • daby

    Deacontee ! Deacontee !! Deacontee !!! How many times did I call you ? Even the blind and the deaf knows that America has the best medical service, so come up with another lie. Is urinating on health workers part of his “seeking for better healthcare”. ? All those innocent blood will hunt you.

  • KDB

    The Lord will help Nigerian. Only God. Mrs Sawyer, are you infected? Come and see the traumatic situation Nigeria and whole West Africa are passing through. …

  • Nonycreme

    Mrs Decontee Ebola, innocent Nigerians have died because of your husband’s wicked act, You sit down there in radio office telling us trash. Why didn’t you tell your husband to come meet you in US so that you could take her to the hospital, must it be our beloved country Nigeria? You husband is just stubborn and wicked.

  • ogb

    Mrs Ebola,
    What a wicked defender you are.
    Good, your husband wanted good medical attention in Nigeria. Why didn’t he travel to America, where there is excellent medical services & he is an american citizen.
    Your defence implies you are as wicked as your husband, l hv no doubt, you are part of the plans to import Ebola in Nigeria.


  • joyce

    De content! !!!!!!!!!!. Ur a such a jester. What happened 2 all d hospitals in Newyork? I bet he didn’t want u infected, so he brought his infested body 2 Nigeria… he claimed not 2 have ebola , but had d demonic mind 3 urinate on d pple helping him & pulling out his tubes 2 mess up d whole hospital ward There is God ohh!!! Patrick sawyer will rot in hell for sure.
    Decontee no more excuses. I don’t even know who is worse; ur husband or Boko Haram. … I guess dey are both same. Devils in disguise. Just deal with .

  • Dear Mrs Sawyer, it is clear that you are as wicked as your husband is. With all the deliberate lies and weird acts that he displayed, you stand here to worsen matters by cooking stupid excuses. A Liberian-American should have had America as a second option when he considered Liberia’s poor medical healthcare system. And under no circumstance should an ECOWAS official who needs help, lie and do all the weird things that this your husband did. His education was actually “dis-education” because he acted less educated than an average secondary school student with Basic level understanding of Biology. Shame on him. That is not how to seek help. Had he been smarter, ECOWAS could fetch him better help without putting thousands in jeopardy. And whatever, you may say, the point is this “A MAN WHO SEEKS HELP BY DESTROYING OTHER PEOPLES OR PUTTING OTHERS’ LIVES IN JEOPARDY IS ACTUALLY VERY SELFISH, WORSE THAN THAT, HE IS WICKED”!!! A selfish man thinks of himself alone, a wicked man would not only think of himself alone but go on to destroy other well-faring people just because he is not as fortunate as they are. Period!!! Such a man cannot be sacrificial enough to ever had revived Liberian Health care system as you claim. His actions show there is nothing noble or sacrificial about his mentality or way of reasoning, that is based on this your “explanation/clarification”.

  • PAT

    Dear Mrs Sawyer, the best you should have done is to apologise to Nigeria. Your husband is a devil incarnate. He was not ignorant of what he was suffering. He would have received the best treatment from America than Nigeria. The whole country is in jeopardy because of your husband. The hospital he died will remain out of business for a long time because no one would want to go there. One cannot enumerate completely the damages he has caused this great nation. My advice to you is to go and be tested and I mean, you MUST apologise to Nigeria. Yourself too with your knowledge should have advised him otherwise; maybe be would have still be alive if he had gone to America for treatment.

  • EMMA

    Woman, Biblical Paul, in one of his epistle said, when I was a child, I behaved as a child, now I am old, I now behave as an adult. Permit me to ask, are you an adult at all? Listen to your statement “So, I bet anything that he was thinking, if I could only get to Nigeria, a way more developed country than Liberia, I would be able to get some help” Does it sound as an adult’s statement? Who is Nigeria? Who is Nigeria in the world, when it comes to Healthcare? A gentleman of the press like you could say a thing like that? Your husband has caused the country a lot and you are there saying rubbish, please permit me to insult you. Where was your husband staying with you in NY or you are there alone. For how long did you meet with you husband? If you did that means you are a prospective Ebola carrier, if you did not, it means you ran away and abandoned him and later called him to start spreading the Virus. Can you remember what Satan said when God removed him from heavens and threw to the dorkiest earth? You husband did not want to die alone, but remember, THE SON OF MAN SHALL COME AND GO, BUT WOE UNTO HIM (SAWYER), HIS WIFE (DECONTEE) and FAMILY (if at all you even gave him children) THAT WILL BETRAY HIM.

  • Evangel

    Mrs Sawyer, if your husband knows he was infect like you said he was going to a place where Healthcare system is better than Liberia why didn’t he come back to America but according to your write up he was going to an ECOWAS MEETING. Can you hear yourself out, Really! You must be a compound foool. I wish he came back and infected you, idiot. See how a whole country is in total confusion with your husband’s virus. I wish I can see you I feel like giving you a slap now. Seriously***

  • televi

    Mrs Sawyerr, if what we hear tonight is true, then your husband is responsible for the death of one of Nigeria’s foremost medical doctor in the person of Dr Ameyo Adadevoh, a mother, wife and great general physician. A daughter, sister, aunty, cousin and citizen and just a rare gem.
    I wonder what kind of person and man your late husband was, and though I am not God I can guess where he has gone to now in death. He has put a stigma on you and your children for life. the man had no business coming into Nigeria with the nonsense he had ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; whatever his reasons were – it was pure madness and wickedness.
    OH Dr Adadevoh —–RIP Sweet Angel. I will miss you. God please help all the others in quarantine. Amen. Minister for Health – please get off your seat and get Zmapp into this country.

  • Abigail

    So she means to say that her husband did not see America or London or even Paris to go to? Did we plant Sawyer’s placenta on naija soil, that he came back to haunt us? How wicked can people be? Gosh!!!!!! That’s the height of wickedness . How come he did not infect the wife and their entire family? If he had, she won’t open her mouth and vomit all this rubbish!!! Mrs Sawyer u are very lucky I don’t know you I would have responded with my fist.

  • bolaji

    It is purely act of wickness.if the man is looking for help why didn’t he tell the health worker straightaway the truth why the lies?God will judge this case had he made innocent people died.

  • tunde

    Mrs sawyer,
    All I can say is that, is only God that will judge.just ask God for forgiveness. He that is in us is greater than the Ebola patrick your husband brought to Nija our beloved country…


  • woh

    Decon or what you just crucified yourself wit your statement ( u said he said let me get to Nigeria that Nigerian ll be able to treat me) then why didn’t he come out out clear when they ask him if he came in contact wit any Ebola patients he denied it and urinate on d doctors and nurses just keep quick u’ll not gain popularity through dis

  • Prince

    Nonsense cook up story, what a wife