How to write an effective resume that gets attention


Resume is prolific aspect of job searching. Your resume highlights a summary of your profile, job experience, education and other personal details. It makes it easy for a prospective employer to understand you better before offering you a job. While you prepare to start hunting for a job or wishing to change a career, It is imperative that you keep your resume update.This article was compose to teach job seekers how to write an effective resume on their own. The article highlights the importance of a resume and how best one can arrive at an effective and well structure written resume

Young girl writing a resume
Young girl writing a resume

Why Resume is important?

  • To pass screening process of Employer.
  • To give basic facts about yourself and your background.
  • To show employer your direction, strengths and writing skills.
  • To provide employer with your contact information.

Writing a Resume

  • Your name should be on the top and prominently followed by your contact details.
  • Write an effective objective to grab attention.
  • Put the most important thing first. For Fresher – Academics.
  • Use professional fonts like Ariel, Times New Roman or Veranda.
  • Font size neither too small nor too big.
  • Avoid paragraphs, try using bullet points.
  • Use right keywords.
  • Back up your projects and achievements with your qualities and strengths. Use action verbs like managed, enforced, coached, planned, lead etc.
  • Use a good printer Always proof read your resume

How to write a Resume.

Following are some don’t (s) on how to write a resume. Do consider on following tips before you write your resume.

  • Don’t use fancy paper or colored paper.
  • Use quality white A4 sheet.
  • Don’t use jargon or slang in your resume.
  • Do not include information that might sound negative in the eyes of the employer
  • Don’t include irrelevant information.
  • Don’t copy paste matter from net, prefer retyping.
  • Don’t fold your Resume, esp. over the text line.

Proof Reading Your Resume:

Many a times, we make errors while writing a resume unintentionally. We need to understand how to proof read a resume before sending it to prospective employers. Following are few tips of resume proof reading.

  • Take a print out of your resume in form of hard copy and then read it with concentration.
  • Check homonyms: Words like accept and except, complement and compliment. Using wrong words can result to different meanings.
  • Check Punctuation; focus on commas, full stops, uniformity in punctuation format.
  • Watch out for numbers, quoting wrong numbers, dates, year can lead to a very wrong impression.
  • Read Resume backwards; When you read your resume in normal flow, you may miss on your errors as you have written yourself and your brain adds words according to meanings. Reading backward can help you in finding errors. Ask someone else to read it, this can be very helpful. Someone else can evaluate what you have missed in your evaluation.
  • Check out for inconsistencies in your format, font, layout etc.
  • Reading your resume loud can also help.