A Tiger Walks


A tiger walks
A tiger walks
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A dramatic adventure unfolds when a mistreated Bengal tiger is accidentally freed in the tiny community of Scotia. As a result, an avalanche of national attention turns the sleepy little town into a chaotic jungle of frightened citizens.

While a well-meaning sheriff, his young daughter, and an Indian trainer struggle to safely capture the magnificent animal, kids across the nation rally to the creature’s defense with a rousing “Save The Tiger” campaign.

Release Date: March 12, 1964

Director: Norman Tokar

Writer: Ian Niall


Theodore Marcuse as Josef Pietz
Merry Anders as Betty Collins
Jack Albertson as Sam Grant
Frank Aletter as Joe Riley
Edward Andrews as Governor Robbins
Una Merkel as Mrs. Watkins
Peter Brown as Vern Goodman
Frank McHugh as Bill Watkins
Connie Gilchrist as Liddy Lewis
Kevin Corcoran as Tom Hadley
Arthur Hunnicutt as Frank Lewis
Pamela Franklin as Julie Williams
Sabu as Ram Singh
Brian Keith as Sheriff Pete Williams
Vera Miles as Dorothy Williams