How to Identify a job Scam


Scam alert
Scam alert

Job Scam is becoming rampant in Nigeria and other countries where unemployment is rate is high. While NigeriaOnlineJobs.Com has implemented many protections schemes to ensure that questionable job listings don’t make it into our database, job seekers should always remain vigilant and know what to look for when searching job in Nigeria on our websites. NigeriaOnlineJobs publishes job vacancies in Nigeria on a daily basis and we try to ensure that only legitimate jobs with true and real vacant positions on open are published by our team of publishes. Very often we get complains of job seekers writing us about possible scam alert jobs on our website.

Due to this effect, we have decided to point out key points to enable job seekers easily identify a possible job scam advert on website or any other website.

Possible Indicators of a Job Scam:

  1. Listings that ask for your private information such as SSN, driver’s license number, bank accounts, credit card information, etc.
  2. “Small Businesses” that direct you to a home address for an interview
  3. Foreign companies that do not have a local office
  4. Listings for jobs such as stuffing envelopes, email rebates or refunds, data entry, and jewelry-making at home that require payment to start, and require unpaid and tedious work up front
  5. Listings requiring you to buy products and submit receipts before you get paid; this specifically addresses mystery shopping listings
  6. Listings that request you to go to a pay-to-attend seminar
  7. Employers that request you open a new bank account or credit card
  8. Online applications that do not have the company headline in the URL, or are not password protected
  9. The same business’ phone numbers and fax numbers with mismatched area codes
  10. If an employer asks for money, why can’t he deduct from the first salary?
  11. Email addresses that do not include the company name
  12. If they contact you only through email.