List of Jobs in Nigeria you Can apply for


If you are looking for jobs in Nigeria and you are a foreigner it is important that you study the various job categories in Nigeria that are available to job seekers.

Whether you are a graduate or an Experience professional or foreigner looking to work in Nigeria. It is important to understand that Nigeria has a macro economy that is capable of providing jobs in every sector of the  country’s’ economy.As a graduate or an experienced professional or foreigner with intentions to work in Nigeria, you job function can fall in any of the job categories listed below.

Map of Nigeria
Map of Nigeria

Accounting Jobs

Administration jobs

Agency / International jobs

Agricultural jobs

Aviation jobs

Banking jobs

Finance Jobs

Construction jobs

DBA / Programming Jobs

Engineering jobs

Government jobs

Graduate jobs

Hospitality jobs

Human Resource jobs

Insurance jobs

Legal Jobs

Logistic jobs

Manufacturing jobs

Media & Publicity jobs

Medical & Healthcare jobs

Modeling & Fashion jobs

NGO jobs in Nigeria

Oil and Gas jobs

Sales and Marketing

Security Jobs

Student jobs

Industrial Training jobs

Teaching jobs

Lecturing jobs

Technician jobs

Telecommunications jobs

ICT jobs

other jobs include:

Web design jobs

Bookkeeping jobs