How to subscribe to job alerts using Email / RSS Subscriptions


Google feedburner is an RSS to Email syndication system. Today every website now have Really Simple Syndication (RSS) also refers to as Rich Site Summary. RSS is a family of web feed formats used to publish frequently updated works (check wikipedia for more). This syndication system helps to show off newly updated works or entries on a website or blog, thereby saving the site users from being distracted by pop ups, advertorials and the likes that are usually found on a website.

My last article “Ease your job search by subscribing to our job alerts ” highlighted the importance of subscribing to job alerts while searching for jobs. It also highlighted the different ways or method by which a job seeker can subscribe to our job updates.

Haven listed the various methods on that article, I have decided to explain to you a step by step guide for each of the methods highlighted. I will be creating a single post for each method. The very first method is the Google feedburner /RSS Subscription. I am going to use this page to explain how Google feedburner can be used to subscribe to job alerts.

From the first paragraph of this post, RSS was defined as a family of web feed formats used to publish recently updated works. As a job seeker, getting the most recent job updates is very important to your job search, in that it gives you the opportunity to start planning your application ahead of the deadline and also ahead of other prospective applicants.

Google feedburner RSS Email syndication allows you to subscribe to job updates using your email address. It is a very important too in job searching. Every job seeker is expected to have an email address which prospective employers can reach them with. Subscribing to job updates with your email is a good way to go since most jobs requires that you apply online.

To subscribe to our job updates or alerts using your email, you can follow this simple guide.

Find the subscription box or form

At different positions on our website, there are several subscription boxes or forms that prompts job seekers to subscribe to jobs alerts. Examples of such boxes you can find below

Job alert Subscription box on site footer
Job alert Subscription box on site footer

This subscription box above is usually found below the site on every page visited. It is powered by Google feedburner and allows you to subscribe to job updates without leaving the site.

Another Google feedburner subscription form is the one found on the sidebars of this website. Below is an image of the form

Feedburner sidebar email subscription box
Feedburner sidebar email subscription box

For the mean time, these are the available subscription boxes we have on Other feedburner subscription boxes will be introduce in the future, and this post will therefore be updated accordingly.

Now that you know the different Google feedburner subscription boxes.forms, here is how to subscribe. Remember Google feedburner requires your email before you can be subscribed to it. To Subscribe, just type your email address in the form space as seen in the image above, click “SUBSCRIBE”, then log on to your email box. You will receive an email from Google Feedburner that will prompt you to activate your subscription. Activate your subscription by clicking the link provided to you, and that’s all.

Once your email have being activated, you will start getting job alerts from us via email. You can choose to unsubscribe if you do not wish to continue to receive email job alerts in the future.

I wish this article helps you stay connected, you can read how to subscribe to our job alerts using facebook