Seven must read job search techniques and strategies to apply for every job search


Hello there, my name is Ugochukwu O. O, am a writer and publisher currently engaged with Pounds online and multimedia Service (POMS). POMS are the owners of and several other service providing websites in Nigeria.

As a writer and publisher for more than four years now, experience, research and good article presentation go a long way in making sure that my audiences get the best of my post.

After much research and my bank of experience working with senior colleagues and stories/lessons by HR experts, I decided to highlight and explain these seven compelling steps to getting a job in Nigeria as a job seeker.

Job searching is not an easy task. Getting the right job in Nigeria and in any other part of the world requires much time, energy and many Career Networking techniques and job search strategies.

Therefore, whether you are a graduate or you are an experienced worker looking forward to changing your job, your success in finding a good job depends greatly on your understanding and application of various job-searching techniques.

Here are seven killer job search strategy you must apply if you want to get a job before the end of the year. It is important you apply these strategies in every job you apply for.

1.     Search the job Online, but Apply in person

Nigeria is one of the most populous countries in the world. Like every other highly populated country in the world, it is expected that unemployment rate should be higher. Whenever there is a job opening, thousands of people if not millions apply online, using the same methods, the same type of resume/CV templates and in most cases, they all have similar aims and objectives…this may sound funny, but it is indeed true!

Job Searching
Girl Searching for jobs using the internet and a classified job magazine

Therefore, the best way to overcome this scenario is to be one-step ahead of the many other applicants, conduct you job search online but do not apply online unless it is very necessary to do so. After that, take one-step forward ahead of your competitors by also applying in person. Find out who the hiring manager is and make direct contacts with them. Getting his or her phone numbers or email address is a good way to go. Compose a cover letter and mail your resume directly to him or her. Make your cover letter/resume professional and unique, highlighting your strongest points and address it to the person who will make the hiring decision. By doing this, you can start up conversation and relate directly with the hiring manager. If you are good in building relationship, you will find out that you will eventually become closer to the hiring person than millions of others who had submitted online but never go that close. At the long run, you may have 50-70 percent chance of securing that very job and 80-90 percent chance of getting another job from the same person next time.

2.     Be Proactive, not Post active

 Sometime ago, a friend wanted someone to fill a position in his office, what was the first thing he did? He contacted me and asked me if I know or have someone who can fill the position. I did not blink an eye before I mention someone who I believe could handle the job perfectly. So also do other companies, you can think about. That is the reason why there are Human Resource departments in every company. Their ability to identified and recommend the right person(s) for a job.

It is quite sad that many jobs published on news papers have already been circulating for a while. Employees within the company will have slots and mandated to provide qualified persons. Headhunters & Employment Agencies are been contacted, to provide or recruit competent persons; usually the company gives them very strong criterion that only a few persons can pass at the end of the day.

Therefore, by the time, the job gets online or in the dailies, a lot must have happened, candidates from everywhere must have sent in their resumes. At this time, you are at a disadvantage. Most jobs are been posted for formality sake, so that the company can be seen to be offering equal opportunities to everyone.

A proactive person will get to know if there is a recruitment going on before it goes public. A proactive person is one who has passed stage one of this job posts, knowing the hiring manager or employment agents. He puts up coded calls on a regular basis to find out what is new and what is happening in the company, relates with hiring officers or manager regularly. So be proactive, do not join in the post recruitment activities. You have to be fishing for the best jobs before they are announce to the masses or published on national dailies.

3.     Effective use of Social Network Sites

Since the introduction of social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, linkedIn and Google plus, some employers have taking up their search for the best candidates via Social Networks especially linkedIn. As a job seeker or a professional, it is very important you understand how to use social networking sites. Social Networking is one aspect that can either brake or make you as far as your job search is concern. Take for instance you put in for a job with a telecommunications’ company, and during the period of your application, the company experienced poor service delivery. Haven been affected by their poor service delivery, you decided the best way to express your dissatisfactions is via social network using harsh words, thereby degrading the company publicly…what do you think such an employer will do when they find out about your posts or comments not speaking favorably about them and their services? Yet you want to work for them…your guess is as good as mine is!

As a job seeker and a professional, your use of social networking site should be professional inclined. You must be able to distinguish between formal and informal use of such sites. Professionalism must be your watchword every time. You must be able to know when to express your heart. Be cautious of what you do knowing very well that anyone and everyone see all you say or do.

To use your Social Networking skills effectively, one helpful way to go is to update your Social Network profiles (especially LinkedIn):

Your profile page is one area that employers will not ignore if they have interest in you. You should ensure that it is professionally to update. Your profile should be able to highlight you education and professional experiences. It should also express your passion and vision for your profession; it should also highlight events and projects you have worked on in the past. Write compelling notes and articles about your profession. In all of this, make sure that all that you have done on your profile page as highlighted above is made open and accessible (don’t privatize your profile unless you do not have all of these done to it)

4.     Send different Cover letters and Resume per job

Many a time, job seekers send one cover letter & Resume for several job openings, it is like killing many birds with one stone. It is impossible. Therefore as a job seeker, you must take the pain to write compelling cover letters, outstanding resumes before applying for a job.

This means that for every job you are to apply for, you should customize a resume and cover letter for it different from the one you are going to send to other companies. Make your resume and cover letter target the company and the position you are applying. It is better to have resume that conveys your abilities on the position advertise, than a resume that has little or no target on the job.

5.     Update your Account with Job search Agent

Sometime ago, you applied for a job online and you were not called for interview and now the opening is closed. Save yourself another missed opportunity by visiting the website and updating your account again. Many a time, job seekers are not called for interview, not because they submitted a poor resume or maybe they are not qualifications. Many job seekers do not actually complete the online registration processes thereby making their CV / Resume not visible to the hiring managers.

I once made this mistake myself, and it happened to me like three times before I started getting it right. I once applied for a job thinking my resume and data were submitted successfully, I never knew they were not; it took me the following year to find out…how did I get to know? I found out when I wanted to apply for the same position with the same company again. I tried registering again and I got this message “profile already exist for this username and password”, so I tried to log in with the username and my password…behold my resume was right there in front of me, having a pending status on it indicating that the employer have not seen it. You can imagine the expectations and the time wasted

It is very important to complete a job application process especially when it is an online application. Make sure you see the application successful message, thereafter you can log in to the site from time to time and update your resume even if there are no jobs or the job you applied for may have expired. Employers sometimes check their CV banks (online data bank) when there is urgent need to fill a position without necessarily going public.

6.     Use Job Search Engines for job search

There are several job search engines on the internet today. One of the most popular one I know is Use job Search Engines to find jobs that meet your qualifications. Use the right keywords when querying a job search engines. Job search engines will give you results based on your keywords. That way a list of jobs related to your query or qualification will be displayed to you.

Go the extra mile by filtering the jobs based on experiences needed, salary range and by location. This will not only simplify your job search, it will also give you an edge over others.

Employer will rather take someone who they can afford to pay, lives close to the workplace and has the requisite experience.

7.     Subscribe to job updates

Finally, ensure to subscribe to job updates from major job sites you visit especially on sites like Subscribing to our job updates / alerts gives you the opportunity to stay updated with the latest jobs or info concerning jobs that you may have applied for in the past. Nigeria Online Jobs have five ways or methods by which job seekers can subscribe to latest job updates. These methods include:

  1. RSS Feedburner Subscription form
  2. Via facebook fan page
  3. By Following us on twitter
  4.  via LinkedIn
  5. By Google plus one

All of these subscription services are free. They give you access to latest job post to our website. It is important you understand how they work so that you can select the one that is best for you. It is not advisable to subscribe to all of these services. For instance, if you want the jobs sent to your email, then RSS feedburner subscription is the right choice. If you are a regular facebook user and you spend much of the time on facebook or twitter, then facebook / twitter is a good way to subscribe.

If you try all seven steps above and you do not succeed, do not hesitate to try again. Perhaps the person that eventually gets the job may have being trying before you started searching. Therefore never give up on your job search, do everything you can to get pass stage one of this article. If you do, the rest may not be a problem at the end of the day.

I wish you good luck, and I hope this article go a long way in improving your job search abilities and finally landing you to that job of your dream.

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