Ten Strategies to a successful job search


Job searching requires time and enegy, its not an easy process. Job seekers usually don’t enjoy taking the pains to conduct a successful job search and so I have decided to dish out a quick run down of ten job search strategies that can land you the job of your dreams faster enough if applied.

1.      Use the language of the job advert: The job advert is your greatest clue to what the hiring manager wants to hear. Spend a few minutes analyzing the advert. Look for the job title and responsibilities, what industry is the company in? How much experience do you need? What software and hardware experience must you have? Is an advanced degree necessary? You need to be certain that you meet the company’s criteria.

2.      Prepare a covering letter that explains that you can do the job: Do not be concerned if the advert asks for so many years of experience. Remember, the employer is painting a picture of the “ideal” candidate and many have to make some concessions to fill the vacancy. Focus only on the highlighted issues. The rest of your background can be shown in your accompanying resume.

3.      Customize your resume. It will be helpful if your resume also emphasizes the job qualifications that were highlighted in the advert. Look for any acronyms listed in the Job description. Incorporate these acronyms in parentheses in your resume.

4.      Highlight the job title. Rephrase your career objective so that it includes the job title as your desired position.

Job in the Employment Section of Newspaper
Job in the Employment Section of Newspaper

5.      Highlight the industry. If you have experience in this industry, make sure that you include it in the description of your past positions.

6.      Highlight the particular job skills and responsibilities. Review your own resume to see whether there is a direct match.

7.      Think about how quickly you should respond to the advert. Look for instruction or information about the application deadline.

8.      Make reference to the advert in your cover letter, and note where you found the advert include publication name and date. The hiring organization may have run the advert in multiple places and thus be interested in knowing where you found it.

9.      If salary requirements or history are requested, ignore the request or, even better, include a sentence such as “My salary requirements are negotiable and can be discussed at the interview”. Sometimes salary request are used primarily to screen out candidates, but most screeners will not eliminate you from consideration if you don’t respond to this request with specific salary.

10. For a single advert lists several jobs that interest you, write a customized letter in response to each job advertised. If there are two or more attractive jobs listed in one advert, write separate focused letters for each job and mail them a few days apart.

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