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At this time and age where jobs are scarce, and very many people are chasing fewer jobs, it has become imperative that time and chance could decide a job seeker’s future. A job seekers’ timely manner of response to job alert could go a long way to help them secure the job.

Everyday thousands of job seekers visit our website but only a few of them end up subscribing to our job alerts. NigeriaOnlineJobs.com has well over five ways of sending job alerts and updates to our subscribers. Thus as a job seeker, it is very important to subscribe to jobs using any of the method of subscription that is suitable for you. Subscribing to our alerts gets you updated with the latest jobs in Nigeria.

This article will teach how to subscribe to our job updates and alerts. It will also highlight and explain to you all available methods of subscriptions on our website. At the end of this article, you should be able to decide which method is best for you. This is not to say that some methods are better than the others; indeed all methods are of equal benefits and none is better than the other; subscribing to job alerts depends on the job seeker’s ability to respond fast enough to these updates. Responding fast enough to job alert can give you an edge over others. It increases your chances of securing the job giving time to plan for the application processes. Planning your application in this context means to have your job seeking tools ready, such tools include designing/customizing your resume and cover letter, researching the company, find out about the hiring process etc. and also responding to application deadline.

Job offers via mail box
Job offers via mail box

Now that you know the importance of subscribing to job alerts, I guess I should head straight to listing the various subscription tools available on our website. After reading this part, you should be able to pick the right subscription method that best suits you.

Below are the various methods currently available, I believe in the future more subscription methods will add to this list.

RSS subscription

1.      Feedburner Email & RSS Subscription

This process requires subscribing to our job alerts using your email address. It is a Google.com service designed for email subscription. It is popularly refer to as Google feedburner. It is conducive for people who have regular access to their email address. To find out more about feedburner and how to subscribe using this method, click here

Facebok like

2.      Facebook fan page like & recommend

This process involves liking our facebook fan page, it is good for people who spend a lot of time on facebook.com. Liking our facebook page is a good way to stay updated with us: All jobs posted on our website are automatically sent to your facebook wall: To know more about this, and how to subscribe to our facebook updates, click here


3.      Following us on twitter

Following us on twitter is another way to subscribe to our updates and alerts. If you enjoy spending time on twitter.com, this method is good for you. To find more and how to subscribe to this method, click here

google plus
google plus

4.      Using Google plus one

This is another Google.com service, it is currently the newest social network platform, and much people do not understand how it works. Google plus is indeed important to every job seeker who enjoys using Google search engines to search for jobs online. Google plus one button makes it easy for you to see results from websites that you have Google plus in the past. To find out about this subscription method click here


5.      BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) Updates

This method of subscription is for those who have blackberry messenger or users blackberry smart phones. We also use the medium to send regular updates to as many BBM users who connects with us. To learn more about this method of subscription, and how to connect to us, click here

For now, these are the methods of subscribing to our job alerts. We look forward to add more subscription methods to this list in the future depending on the popularity and demand by users.

It is advisable that you learn more about each methods of subscription and select or subscribe to the method(s) that is best for you so that you do not get too many updates at a time; it could be frustrating and very boring when you get too many updates at a time.

Thank you for reading this article, if you like it and you believe it is helpful in any way, please give it a five star rating and vote positively. Cheers

Ugochukwu O. O.

Writer & Publisher (NigeriaOnlineJobs.com)

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