Dealing With Telephonic Interviews


In the recent days, there are several employers that do not take the hassle of conducting interviews on the spot. On the contrary, they prefer going for telephonic interviews that saves lots of time and hassles. This also often proves to be helpful for the candidates, as well, as they do not have to face the interviewer directly. Moreover, there is also no question of formality or dress sense during the job interview. However, irrespective of being telephonic, there are some general preparations that should be done properly. In fact, if you ever have to face a telephonic interview, you should know the dos and don’ts and this what post  is intended for. So if you apply for a job like this one here which has at the end of the job post possibility of conducting a telephonic interview, they you have to ensure that you make the necessary preparations. So seat back, grab a cup of coffee and ensure you start practicing the following tips below.

Girl Answering a Telephone interview
Girl Answering a Telephone interview

Creating a Checklist

There are some important checklists that you need to prepare in advance, because in most cases, there are chances that this checklist will help you to get success in your interview.

  • Your Qualification & the job position

First you need to find an explanation of your qualification along with the designation of the job. You need to be able to explain why you are the best fit for the job and how your qualifications can guarantee your success on the job if given the opportunity. Explain your qualifications and experiences and how you intend to put you expertise on the job.

  • Organization

Be organize, the fact that you might be in the comfort of you home may not guarantee that you are organize. To ensure you pass this check. you should ensure that your RESUME/CV and other important career tools are in a clear view so that you can handle any question(s) related to the resume your submitted during the application.

  • Do your Research about the company and the job

This is indeed the first thing I would expect every job seeker to do, and that is why we take the time on Nigeria Online Jobs to let you have a brief of the company/services they render before every job posted on our website. You should conduct a thoroughly research about the company and the job position, because this is also something that is very crucial. Your ability to answer questions about the company services, stocks/shares etc is an added advantage on the interview. It pleases the interviewer to know that you have a clear knowledge of the company operations.

Others checks are given below:

Preparation for Telephone Interviews:

There are some particular preparations that you need to take for job interviews.

  • Make sure that you are free from any form of distractions that might hamper the process of interview.
  • If your phone has call waiting facility, you should turn it off, so that there is no disturbance.
  • While a question is being asked, you should try to focus and listen to the question thoroughly. Before answering the question, you should understand and think, so that you can answer the question confidently.
  • You should also pay good attention to the body language of the interviewer. This might sound little strange, but it is necessary. You should try to judge the smile and mood of the interviewer and think positively, so that you are able to create a good impression.
  • You should also have a glass of water near you, so that you can drink if you have a throat tickling.

After The Interview:

As soon as the interview is over, you should ask for the email address of the interviewer and mail him a thank you note on an immediate basis. At the same time, you should also try to express your interest towards the job, so that you are successful in creating a good impression.